In verband met de van overheidswege ingezette ophokplicht, is per 23 februari de status van onze vrije-uitloopeieren tijdelijk veranderd in “eieren van opgehokte vrije-uitloopkippen”.


We are not afraid to admit it - we intend our organisation to grow. But we will never let that growth come at the expense of everything Padifood stands for. We got where we are today through our products prepared in the authentic manner, our use of fresh ingredients and our non-hierarchical, service-oriented organisation. That won’t change. What is more, the introduction of a completely new logistics centre will enable us to further extend our services so that we are even better placed to satisfy your requirements. We can also help you out with packaging concepts. Would you like Asians meals under a private label or would you prefer practical bulk packaging for food services, for example? Our ultramodern production equipment can handle all those options. We would be only too pleased to tell you all about the many alternatives available and how we look at partnership.

All our traditional wok dishes are prepared in woks by skilled cooks. Frying in the wok over a high temperature gives the dishes that familiar, authentic fl avour. You will taste the difference!