The family Thé started selling packaged meals in 1987, laying the foundation for Padifood. It was the logical next step in a lifelong involvement in Asian cuisine. The family business has been loca- ted in the current modern production environment since 1995. Here the finished products are still being prepared in woks in the traditional way - in other words, by hand. However, even this place is getting too small. Our new premises covering 8000m2 give plenty of room to fulfi l our ambitions. We may be growing fast but the core values of this family business still remain intact: ingredients of the highest quality, traditional recipes and authentic preparation methods. Padi- food’s lack of bureaucracy, focus on service and fl exibility make this business the best partner for traditional Asian dishes. Whether chilled ready meals are required for supermarkets or large volumes for the catering industry and institutions, Padifood can help, always giving the same high quality and professionalism you are used to getting from us.