In verband met de van overheidswege ingezette ophokplicht, is per 22 februari de status van onze vrije-uitloopeieren tijdelijk veranderd in “eieren van opgehokte vrije-uitloopkippen”.


Padifood’s traditional preparation methods involve the human touch and you can taste that. We marinate our meat ourselves, our rice is steamed and the final product is prepared in the wok using the traditional skills. Only fresh ingredients of the highest quality are used. Vegetables, fresh that day, are processed immediately and we import the Chinese noodles ourselves from Asia. The result: high-quality Asian meals prepared in the traditional manner, such as you are familiar with in the best restaurants. The meals keep for several weeks after the production date thanks to a unique, rapid production process. Cooking in a wok at high temperatures, cooling the food extremely quickly and oxygen-free gas packaging in a hygienic environment make post-pasteurisation unnecessary. Padifood meets all quality requirements and has the IFS certificate.