In verband met de van overheidswege ingezette ophokplicht, is per 22 februari de status van onze vrije-uitloopeieren tijdelijk veranderd in “eieren van opgehokte vrije-uitloopkippen”.

Product range

Padifood offers you the choice of a wide range of traditional Asian dishes. Our popular basic dishes and sauce dishes are available as single dishes, complete single-portion meals and/or 1000g packs. Handy 2000g and 3000g bulk packs have also been developed for part of the assortment especially for the catering industry. The dishes keep for several weeks in the fridge. The chilled ready meals are perfectly suited to the trend towards more convenience and a healthier lifestyle. The process of rapid cooling during production enables nutritional values to be kept as high as possible. The meals are easy to prepare using a microwave and are ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Quick, easy and tasty.